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Since 2004, we have developed quantitative and qualitative studies with
excellence in Brazil, providing accurate, reliable and
quality to better guide our customers’ decisions.

We value attention and care, developing personalized studies of
according to the needs and objectives of each project.

For this, we have a team of specialists, composed of professionals
fluent in English and Spanish, who has extensive knowledge and
experience in market research and adaptation of studies
international to local reality.




When thinking about carrying out a survey, the important thing is to talk to the
specialized professional to evaluate the ideal method for the problem of

Qualitative Research

Conducted to assist in making business decisions by providing
information/insights that guide these decisions. Qualitative Research
can be used to Test Concepts, Understand Habits, Test Products,
Messages, Purchase Processes and Brand Positioning, among others.
For data to be collected, different tools can be used.
• In-depth interviews
• Interviews in pairs / trios
• Discussion groups
• Face-to-face and online ethnographies
In addition, we have extensive experience in the creation of filters, scripts and
stimuli for discussions. We also deliver the results in the most
different formats according to the client’s needs: complete report,
summary or topline.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research follows a more structured questionnaire pattern than the qualitative research script. Qualitative research can be used to Evaluate Market Positioning, perform tracking, understand habits, Evaluate Concepts, Measure Satisfaction, among others. For data to be collected, different tools can be used.
• Personal interviews through CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal
• Phone interviews through CATI (Computer Assisted
Telephone Interviewing)
• Online self-completion interviews
• Mirror room interviews
We have extensive experience in preparing questionnaires and delivering Detailed reports and database.


Albar follows the codes of ethics:

• ABEP (Brazilian Association of Research Companies)

• ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research)

• QRCA (Qualitative Research Consultants Association)

• Insight Association

• Intellus Worldwide